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Hi, I’m Jonathan Haas, the co-founder and CEO of ThreatKey. My passion lies in developing systems that simplify and enhance the security of critical infrastructure. Together with a team of talented engineers and researchers, I am dedicated to building a powerful platform that empowers individuals and organizations to protect themselves from cyber threats.

Beyond my work, I indulge in exploring the fascinating intersection of technology and security through my writing. When I’m not immersed in that, you can often find me engrossed in books, playing video games, or watching movies. I’m also an avid nature enthusiast who enjoys hiking, camping, and discovering new outdoor experiences.

In pursuit of my goals, I utilize various tools and techniques, always seeking opportunities to enhance my workflow. If you have any suggestions, I’m eager to hear them.

Currently, I am actively hiring for multiple roles. If you share my passion for building the next generation of security infrastructure, I would be delighted to connect with you. You can learn more about our open positions here.

Tech Stack

The core of this theme is built using vanilla JavaScript, with the addition of TypeScript for type checking. ReactJS is employed to handle specific interactions, while TailwindCSS is the chosen styling framework. Markdown is utilized for crafting blog contents.