Everything is exactly what it says on the tin - everything. This bundle of newsletters is invaluable. $200 a year is an absolute steal for the mental frameworks you learn of while reading these posts, and frequent Notion templates help quite a bit.

Uses This has an interview-style breakdown of the software, hardware, and procedures people use. I read each new post that comes in.

Farnam Street breaks down how very smart people make decisions. I use frameworks I’ve learned on this blog every day.


I’ve yet to find a podcast I feel gives the right yield per hours/minutes invested. If you’ve got any ideas, I’d love to hear them.


I use Twitter most heavily for quick information gathering and interacting with my friends. I generally don’t post or consume any longform content here. I usually try to keep my feed as little as possible. I’m currently following around 140 people, which is more than enough data for me to consume on a regular basis.

@thegrugq for unique OSINT takes.

@vcbrags to keep some humor pertaining to the newest silicon valley hotness.

@matthew_d_green for all things cryptography related.