Privacy Policy

This website collects basic usage data. Feel free to browse around. On the other hand if you are reading this website in order to collect personal information about me, or if you are directly or indirectly affiliated with an entity involved in any data collection, please note that no authorization is given to replicate, copy or perform any use of the data or content made available on this website. Shall you proceed to such unauthorized actions, all possible technological and legal means will be directed against you.

You can contact me by e-mail ( ). If you contact me from an e-mail address to which I cannot send a reply, regardless of you being a human or a machine, rest assured that I will ignore and will not read any such e-mail message. Full reciprocity must apply for all other means of communication as well. If you have my mobile phone number, you may call me or send an SMS message from a clearly identifiable mobile phone number on which I can reach you. If you are only capable of one-way communication, then you cannot communicate with me.

If you receive an e-mail, or any other written or verbal communication from me, please note that all such communication is confidential and that you might be held responsible for any unintended consequence of sharing it without my authorization. No authorization is given to reproduce, disseminate, copy, modify or otherwise transform or perform any treatment of any content produced by me.

In addition, under data protection laws, receiving my personal data from me or third party does not imply any consent for any treatment other than the treatment necessary in order to reply to me. Electronic communications are preferred. Under no circumstances sending a document to me by paper mail (registered or ordinary) that has not been also sent to me by e-mail, can be considered an attempt of delivery of such document to me.

Effective since 2020-09-11

The present disposition defines rules applied by me in collection and treatment of any personal data aiming to protect the rights and freedoms of the data subjects. It represents the equivalent to a code of conduct in the sense of Article 40 of the GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679).

While this website itself does collect basic usage data, through interactions with you or otherwise I may come in possession of the following personal data concerning you: names and family names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses, personal websites or social media profiles, photos, hereafter Personal data of interest.

Such Personal data of interest can be automatically, semi-automatically or manually included in my electronic contact book, in databases connected or being part of my e-mail software systems. As such, having in mind my use of third-party, primarily Google and Apple services, those data might end-up being transferred to a foreign country where servers of those third-party services are being held.

Such Personal data of interest may also be included in electronic files in the course of production of written documents such as letters, contracts, invoices or other.

I may use the Personal data of interest to: contact you; to formalize any contractual relation with you; to produce any file related to the relationship I might have with you; and to claim any rights or protect any interests that I might have in relation to you.

By so doing, and in the event that I suspect that my use of Personal data of interest may present a risk for you, I will try my best effort to avoid the exposure of your personal data to the formats interpretable by the machine, and I shall seek in such cases, to append your personal data manually to the documents concerning you while keeping electronic documents personal-data-free.

Should you have a request to exercise your rights in the sense of GDPR, feel free to write to