Here are some software programs I find useful, gadgets I'm particularly fond of, and other recommendations I have.

People often ask me about the tools and products I use to develop software, stay productive, or distract myself from procrastinating. So, I've compiled a comprehensive list of all my favorite things.

Workstation setup

  • Macbook Pro 14-inch

    I've been using a 14-inch MacBook Pro as my primary work and personal machine for the past few years. It's a powerful and reliable laptop that can handle all of my daily tasks, from software development to Salesforce. I love the Retina display, the comfortable keyboard, and the long battery life. It's the perfect tool for my work.

  • iPhone 15 Pro

    My daily driver for communication, productivity, and entertainment. I use it to stay connected, manage my schedule, and access information on the go.

  • DROP ALT Keyboard

    A compact and customizable mechanical keyboard with hot-swappable switches, RGB lighting, and a sleek aluminum frame. I love the tactile feel of the keys and the ability to customize the layout and keycaps to suit my preferences.

  • MX Master 3 Mouse

    A comfortable and ergonomic mouse with customizable buttons and a high-precision sensor. It's great for long hours of work and allows me to navigate my screen with ease.

Developer Tools

  • VS Code

    A popular and versatile text editor with extensive customization options and an extensive library of plugins and extensions.

  • Alacritty

    A terminal emulator with a focus on simplicity and performance, written in Rust and designed for power users who prefer keyboard shortcuts and minimalistic design.

  • Postgres

    I live and breathe Postgres. It's my go-to database for all my projects, from small personal apps to large enterprise applications. I love its reliability, scalability, and extensibility, and I appreciate the rich ecosystem of tools and libraries that support it.


  • Raycast

    An application launcher that allows you to search, navigate and manage files and contacts on your Mac more efficiently.

  • Superhuman

    A fast and efficient email client that helps you manage your inbox more effectively with features like keyboard shortcuts, read statuses, and scheduled emails.

  • Notion Calendar

    A versatile and customizable calendar app that allows you to manage your schedule (and as a result - my tasks and projects) all in one place with a clean and intuitive interface.